Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bucs Thoughts For the Season

For all my fellow Bucs fans on here, or football fans in general I feel like I should spread the word about the growth of the new era of Tampa Bay Buccaneer Football. We are seeing the early but exciting stages of the rebuiling process in which we are overhauling the Offense and Defense in order to become a championship contending team for years to come. Given the tough division that the Bucs are currently in (NFC SOUTH) with the Saints, Falcons , and Panthers it will be a true test in nature for the growing Bucs to deal with. The offense is based around 22 year old Josh Freeman, Quarterback out of Kansas State. He offers a unique style of pocket passer and fairly good scrambling QB at 6'5'' 250+ pounds. He draws comparisons to Ben Rothelisberger and Donovan McNabb. He will be the key future on Offense for the Bucs if they are to contend for years to come. Some names that you will become fairly known with in a few years are RB LeGarette Blount, WR Mike Williams, LB Dekoda Watson, S Cody Grimm, DTs Gerald McCoy and Brian Price, and CB Aqib Talib. These are just a few of the core members of the Buccaneers team. They will be the future and can only get better with time. The Bucs have got some real great developing weapons and they will continue to get better with more experience, better coaching, and another great draft or two. Be prepared for the remergence of the Bucs! They will surprise people this year, but just wait. Its 1997 all over again!


  1. Do you know a guy named Chris down there? He really likes exotic animals.

  2. Please don't say it's 1997 all over again... Nooooo